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Bernie U.

We wanted to make sure you could see our Yelp Review.

Thank you for an amazing job on our roof!!!

First of all, we are not a family friend and Hernandez roofing were referred to us by a homeowner that watched their crew fix a roof in their neighborhood.I never write company reviews and thought this would be my first one! I just wanted to share that Hernandez Roofing is the best home investment we have made on our home in the past 12 years!!!

Our roof is over 25 years old and we have been battling a leaky roof for many years. Each time it rained, we would wonder how much longer can we do these small repairs! Each time we would get a quote, something else would come up and the funds were not available! So, you can guess that we were very particular with not just the price but the quality of the work! We called Angel Hernandez (Owner) and set up a free estimate! Angel showed up on time, got on the ladder and personally checked out our roof. We had 3 estimates but something about Angel told us that he was trustworthy, hardworking and worth every dollar!!!! Angel’s son was exceptional with his knowledge and experience. He worked with us through the entire project! Our roof was really damaged and YES they took photos of it so we were informed and gave them consent to basically build us a new roof!!! They replaced all of the wood sheeting, replaced broken tiles, matched everything for HOA specs, 2 layers (40#), mud ball sets to match color of roof system, and on and on and on!!! They built us a new roof with all specs within 2 ½ days. The crew was punctual every morning and very professional! They not only cleaned our yard but cleaned both of our neighbors’ yards with magnetic sweepers (nails) and blowers for clean up each day! My husband is a handyman and he climbed up each day to look at their work. He was beyond impressed with their exceptional workmanship to detail!

Hernandez Roofing has an excellent warranty and Hernandez Roofing has to be the best contractors we have every worked with! One more important detail… When the owners of a company can bring lunch and drinks, send extra crews to help get the job done, check on their staff personally…. You KNOW they CARE!!! Within this current pandemic, it was really nice to see a family owned company take care of their employees with professionalism and consideration!!! We are posting on social media, HOA updates, to refer Hernandez Roofing to anyone that requires a small roof repair to a major overhaul like us!! Thank you, Hernandez Roofing company, for giving us the best service and reassurance we need when the next storm comes our way! PS: A neighbor saw them working on our home and hired them to start right away!!!